To use this template for other projects:

  1. Get a copy of this project by cloning, forking, copying, or downloading.

  2. Adjust things as appropriate. In particular and all the *.rst files should be adjusted as needed.

  3. Build locally by:

    $ cd doc
    $ make html  (or make live for livehtml refreshing)
  4. If all is good, commit back to your git repo

  5. For serving through readthedocs:

    1. Add your repo as a new RTD project
    2. Visit the RTD admin page for the project
    3. Under “Advanced Settings”:
      • Install Project: unchecked
      • Requirements file = doc/requirements.txt
      • Python configuration file = doc/source/conf/py

    It should then build. Check the build log output for hints if it doesn’t work.